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The Benefits of an Eye Test

         Eyesight is something most of us take for granted,but looking after what we are lucky enough to have is critical.On the day we are born our eyes are examined.Most people aren't aware that an obstetrician shines a light into every babies eyes to check for hopefully a normal looking eye,but also for congenital cataracts.This is a critical step in every persons optical development and if there is an issue, then it needs to be resolved.The next time our eyes are checked is normally by health visitors when looking for any obvious squints and or defects as a few week old baby.After that most children do not see an Optician until they or their parents think there might be a problem.As an Optometrist I would recommend the best time for a child to have their first eye test at an Opticians would be two and a half years of age. Obviously at this time in a child's development we can check eye health.Is there a lazy eye(amblyopia) or is there any problem that may hinder development in the future? Our day to day lives and the ability to learn and study can be massively effected by any undiagnosed and uncorrected visual problems during our childhood.From that age onwards and all through childhood up until the age of 16 the NHS recommend and pay for an eye examination every year.
         As an adult the main reason for a sight test,other than to correct visual problems is to check your eye health and maintain healthy sight.Over the age of about eight years the quality of our visual system is set in stone so any fluctuations in prescription can be easily fixed with glasses or contact lenses.         
          Most importantly however is the fact that our eye health and also our general health can all be assessed and checked through our eyes.The leading cause of sight loss in the working population is diabetic retinopathy. Obviously this is a systemic disease that not only effects the eyes but also the kidneys,limbs and general vascular system.What makes the eyes so special in the monitoring of diabetes is the fact that the only place in the body we can see a blood vessel is the retinal vessels.As Opticians we are looking for any leaking vessels, damaged retina (cotton wool spots ) or new blood vessels growing as a result of a lack of oxygen.
           Other conditions that cause bleeding inside the eye are Leukaemia,blood pressure and blood spots in the vessels themselves.All these can damage sight and are easily spotted by looking inside the eye.Many other systemic conditions can also be spotted in the same way eg. MS or Multiple Sclerosis, Graves Disease (thyroid disease ) and brain tumours.MS can make the optic nerve which attaches at the back of the eye go very pale and can effect eye movements and the quality of vision.Thyroid issues can cause the muscles around the eye and orbital fat to swell.This can give the appearance of bulging eyes.It can also cause the muscles around the eyes to become very dry and painful.Brain tumours can be spotted through swollen optic nerves.This can be critical in the early detection of tumours and in my career  I have already spotted three brain tumours which had not been detected or diagnosed prior to my examination.The fact that we can see in such detail the optic nerve and check for any subtle changes over the years is a big advantage the Optician has over other health care professionals.
            Obviously there are many conditions that are specific to the eyes that can effect both or just one eye,eg cataracts, glaucoma,corneal dystrophies,uveitis (iritis ) etc.If you have any problems or queries about your eye health or other eye conditions you would like to discuss with me then simply call Sandy,Caroline or Gail to book your next appointment or home visit.

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